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Soprem company history


Formation of Soprem by Werner Mosimann. Mr. Mosimann starts the company with 5 employees in a small hired room in Lengnau, BE, thus supervising the construction of automatic coiling and decoiling units to feed narrow strips into strip presses, selling them mostly to the watchmaking industry. 


The first strip straightening machine is built. 


Relocation of the company into an owned building in Safnern. Werner Mosimann starts a worldwide sales force. The workforce increases to 14 employees. The first agency in Germany starts in Bavaria.  


Further agencies in the Netherlands and Germany are set up. The construction and sales departments are reinforced. Further products such as wire decoilers and miscellaneous straigteners are being developed. From now on Soprem can be found regularly at the "Internationale Blechmesse" in Essen and later in Hannover.   


New agencies are set up in France, Sweden and USA. Pallet decoilers and precision straighteners are added to the production program. 


A new assembly hall is attached to the existing manufacturing building in Safnern. For the first time Soprem attends an exhibition in the USA (IMTS in Chicago).  We always have 2 to 3 electrical fitter trainees.   


A first CAD-drawingsystem is installed in the construction department. The first CNC controlled processing center is also acquired. 


Mr. Werner Mosimann unexpectedly passes away on the last workday in december. Four members of the management take over the responsibility for the company.  


Soprem celebrates its 30th anniversary, the workforce has increased to 30 employees.


The milleneum change occurs smoothly with a new sales record. The workforce has increased to 39 employees. The first linear strip accumulator is built in Safnern,we are running short of space.


After a long search and a thorough renovation the company is relocated in the late autumn to a generously dimensioned factory building at the Schlettstadtstrasse 4 in Grenchen SO. Until the end of 2005 we could produce 23 linear strip accumulators apart from the usual program including coilers and decoilers, straighteners and spooling machinery, and install these worldwide by our qualified service engineers.



2002: Move to the fabrication building and headquarters in Grenchen. 
† Werner Mosimann
Founder of  Soprem


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