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Cut to length line for wide strip 


Unit for intermittent cutting-to-length of strips.

The strip is fed to the powered straightener by the decoiler and intermittently cut-to-length. 

The axis control together with a massive servo drive, as well as the external length measuring system achieve precise positioning and a rapid sequence.  


Technical data subject to alterations

Client specific constructions upon request



Technical specifications

Loading capacity 
Strip width max.
Strip thickness
500 kg
5-350 mm
3,5 mm
20 m/min

Technical equipment

- Massive joint base for straightener, feeding and scissors. 

- Decoiler motorised, with special loop control. 

- Robust 19 roll-straigthener for vertical straightening. 

- Precise, powerfull servo drive.

- Hydraulic cut-off scissors.

- Uniaxial position control with 99 storable programs 

- External length measurement for high feeding precision. 


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