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Respooling installation for plastic strip




Respooling unit with foil decoiler and rewinder 

To respool plastric strips of all kinds, including simultaneous decoiler and rewinding of the protective foil. 



Technical data subject to alterations

Client specific constructions upon request




Technical specifications


Spool weight 
Spool-ø outer Spool width
Strip thickness
Tension load

2 x 30 kg 
max. 1000 mm 
max. 100 mm 
max. 2 mm
max. 60 m/min 
max. 3 kg


Technical equipment 

- Decelerated decoiler 

- Testing station

- Motorized decoiler, adjustable speed at the potentiometer 

- Decelerated foil respooler

- Tension load controlled foil respooler 


- Meter counter

- Units for larger spools 

- Higher loading capacity 

- Other speed ranges 

- Higher strip profiles 

- Units for profile and round material 

Further documents 

Operation (JPG)
Prospektblatt (PDF)



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