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Respooling installation for wire




Automatic respooling unit to assemble flat wire on large spools to customized amounts onto smaller spools. 

High speed respooling occurs with optimal positioning quality.   


Technical data subject to alterations

Client specific constructions upon request 



Technical specifications


Loading capacity decoiler
Loading capacity rewinder
Spools-ø outer 
Spool width 
Wire profile 
Spooling speed 

                          max. 500 kg

max. 200 kg
max. 1000 max. 450 mm
max. 12 mm2
0 - 100 m/min 


Technical equipment 

- Powered decoiler with special loop control system for high decoiling speeds 

- Rewinding with constant adjustable speed and pulling force due to the powered pulling drum 

- Length measurement with automatic disconnection of the rewinding unit after reaching the required length 

- Electronically controlled spool positioning for optimal rewinding quality 

- Storable rewinding programs for different spools and product dimensions 


- Respooling units for smaller or larger spools 

- Simple respooling units with mechanical product or spool positioning 

Further documents 

Further pictures (JPG)
Technical drawing (GIF) 
Leaflet (PDF)

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