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Decoiling-straightening-accumulating unit for high speed




Unit for intermittent strip feeding into presses or other strip processing units. 

The strip is fed from the motorized decoiler to the powered straightener and intermittently passed to the following press. 

The extremely high feeding speed can be accomplished by special loop storage.                          



Technical data subject to alterations

 Client specific constructions upon request 




Technical specifications


Loading capacity
Strip width max.  
Strip thickness 
Stroke rates
2 x 3000 kg
100 mm
0,7 - 2 mm
1300 mm /sec.
20 - 30 strokes/min


Technical equipment 

- Reversing decoiler with special loop control system 

- Sturdy 5 roll straightener 

- Precise, high-capacity drive 

- Special loop storage for high speed feed with extreme length 

- Automatic strip feeding unit in loop storage 

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