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Decoiling-straightening-feeding unit in compact design




Unit for intermittent strip feeding into presses or other strip processing units.

The strip is fed from the motorized decoiler to the powered straightener and intermittently passed to the following press with the required feeding length.

Axis control in connection with a massive servo drive and the extreme length measuring system ensure precise positioning and a high cycle sequence of the processing machine. 

Decoilers and straighteners can be combined depending on requirement. Please choose from our charts on the pages  „Straighteners“ and „Decoilers“. 



Technical data subject to alterations

 Client specific constructions upon request 




Technical specifications


Loading capacity
Strip width max.
Strip thickness
Stroke rates

1200 Kg            300 mm
1,5 - 8 mm
60 - 120 strokes/min


Technical equipment 

- Rigid welded combined socket for decoiler and straightener 

- Motorized decoiler with special loop control system 

- Sturdy 7 roll straightener, height adjustable 

- Precise, high-capacity servo drive

- Hydraulic intermediate ventilation 

- Hydraulic strip feeding unit 

- Uniaxial position control with 99 storable programs 

- External lenth measurement for high precision feed 

- Extremely short construction


- Decoilers with larger/smaller loading capacity 

- Motorized decoilers, for high coil weights or delicate strips 

- Straighteners with additional straightening rolls 

- Straighteners for wider/narrower strips 

We can offer you a unit adaped to your requirements!

Further documents 

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Technical drawing 1
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Leaflet 1 (PDF)
Leaflet 2 (PDF)

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