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Decoiling-Straightening-Feeding unit with revolver




For rational straightening, feeding of wire.  Quick changeover to different wire diameters by rotating the revolver. 

The servo drive positions the wire correctly into the following machine. 




Technical data subject to alterations

Client specific constructions upon request 




Technical specifications


Amount feeding rols                          ø feeding rolls 
Feeding speed
Production capacity
consisting of:
Straightener 1x 5 rolls
Straightener 2 x 7 rolls

6 - 12 mm

160 mm 
60 m/min
20 pcs/min at 600 mm length


main straightening


Technical equipment 

- Rigid welded construction incl. safety cover with safety interlock.

- Straightening feed with NC-axis control and external measuring wheel in contact with the wire. 

- Revolver with 10 straightening tracks. Rotation activated by push button. 

- All data such as feeding length, amount and speed can be stored into the position control at the control desk. 


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