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25. Februar 2010


SOPREM Ab- und Aufwickler  – Chrom für den Hightech-Einsatz >>


Posted October 20th, 2009


Press Release number: 01445SHEAR


Soprem Linear Strip Accumulators from Shear-Form Machine Tools Ltd, the sole UK representative for Swiss coil processing equipment manufacturer Soprem Automation AG can increase productivity and reduce downtimes in coil strip processing production.

The Soprem linear strip accumulator system comprises 2 x 1,000kg decoilers, a strip end welding machine, a strip accumulator with multiple 5m high linear strip loops including a powered pulling roll unit with loop control at the outlet end. This system can handle strip up to 120 m long x 250mm wide strip and ranging from 0,2 – 1,2mm in thickness, operating at a maximum 40m/min strip speed.

The strip accumulator smoothly feeds the strip into the on-going processing equipment without any interruptions even during coil changeovers. It has fixed lower diverting rolls and adjustable upper rolls, which are moved to the upper starting position by vector drive. A powered roil feeding unit with loop control in a linear and vertical moving scanning unit ensures a continuous strip flow at the same time maintaining a constant strip pull..

Options available include systems with larger or smaller accumulating capacity, de-coilers with different loading capacities, other strip profiles and systems that to fit special space requirements by using strip diversion systems.

Soprem can also supply parallel and thread accumulating systems.


15. September 2009


SOPREM Planeuse Schubert  – l'alliance de la tradition et de l'innovation >>


Posted May 28th, 2009




Press Release number: 01356SHEAR

Automatic and manual strip welding machines available from Shear-Form Machine Tools Ltd  and sole UK representative for Swiss coil processing equipment manufacturer Soprem Automation AG are the most economical means of joining the strip end from a processed coil with the beginning of a new coil.

SOPREM variable speed SGA strip end TIG welding machines with automatic strip cutting, strip positioning and welding provide components fabricators using coil strip in their production with the capability to weld together 0.2mm – 1.5mm thick coils strip in widths up to 250mm using both DC and pulsed welding. This equipment is able to store up to 100 different welding parameters including start, main and end current flows. The integrated management control system provides the user with fast repetitive welding of different types of coil strip.

The variable speed BSM 3-phase, 230V, manual strip end TIG welding machine has the capability to join 0.2mm – 1,5mm coil strip in widths up to 250mm using both DC and pulse welding. Up to 100 different welding parameters can be stored, including several start and stop ramps. This machine, which is highly mobile, comes supplied with gas flow meter, cutting unit with cut-out die and an electrode grinder.


Posted February 19th, 2009



Press Release number: 01399SHEAR

Two new series of component part leveller/straighteners from Swiss coil processing equipment manufacturer Soprem Automation AG are now available from Shear-Form Machine Tools, Soprem’s sole UK representative.

These Schubert and Soprem design leveller/straighteners are designed to correct any deviations in flatness caused by inner material tensions, which can occur during punching, laser or plasma cutting, hardening, nibbling, shearing and coating of steel, aluminium, copper, brass, bimetallic and special alloys. They are ideal for use in industries making building industry components, electro technical parts, mechanical and automotive components, perforated parts, drop wires as well as sawing and cutting tools.
  Soprem levller/straighteners correct deviations in flatness.

Soprem part levellers/straighteners correct deviations in flatness - click image for hi-res version.

The Schubert leveller/straighteners using the latest drive and control technology are available with either 19 x 6mm diameter leveller rolls to straighten material thickness from 0.5mm to 1mm and up to 23 x 45mm diameter leveller rolls for material thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 8mm. Both models can handle parts from 5 - 630mm wide and up to 2m long.

The Soprem low cost leveller/straighteners are hydraulically powered to save energy with reduced mechanical parts deterioration for a longer working life. They have 19 x 12mm up to 19 x 35mm diameter leveller rolls to straighten material thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 4mm and parts from 5mm up to 450mm wide in lengths up to 2m.

Features of this leveller/straightener includes motorised or hand operated longitudinal inclination of the roller bed to help overcome material ductility.

Both the Schubert and Soprem design leveller/straighteners are available with automatic part feed and part ejection as an option.

Notes for editors:
Straightening reduces the number of faulty components by disposing of visible bending and rippling, which can cause manufacturing downtimes further down the process. It also reduces the processing complexity for components and produces higher quality more accurate components with effective edge finishing for welding.

15. Oktober 2008


Teilerichten mit SCHUBERT Richtmaschinen – von der Notlösung zum Hightech-Verfahren >>










Posted June 11th, 2008



Press Release number: 01291SHEAR



A new Soprem Automation decoiler-straightener combination is available from Shear-Form Machine Tools Ltd, the Coventry based sheet metal and plate working machinery supplier’s and sole UK representative for the Swiss based coil processing system technology company.

The BR/9/100/25/U - 100/900ZA/10M/LK

strip straightener fixed to a H100/900ZA/10M/LK decoiler is designed for use with a wide variety of strip materials including stainless steels, copper, brass and mild steels in high speed precision stamping of integrated industrial products including watch, automotive, aircraft and communications products.

This strip straightener has 9 rolls and 1 roll at the outlet x 25mm diameter hardened straightening rolls in sealed needle bearings thus avoiding greasing. It is able to straighten up to 100mm wide strip in thicknesses ranging from 0.1 –1,0 mm at adjustable speeds from 2 – 20m/min.

The guiding roll at the inlet of the straightener head ensure smooth passage of the strip through the straightener.

An available option is a straightener with the ability to open the upper straightening rolls for easy access when cleaning the rolls.

A Soprem control system uses an ultrasonic system on the top to ensure that the strip is fed into the straightener at the correct speed. The control system also has a contact plate on the bottom and an emergency switch to indicate a ‘no loop’ situation to stop the press.

The decoiler, comprising a base frame, decoiler shaft and bearings, 4 x self-centering arms mandrel, manually activated, has a maximum loading capacity of 100kg coils with an outer coil diameter of maximum 900mm and is able to take up to 100mm wide coils with an inner diameter from 200mm – 650mm.






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