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Parallel strip accumulator 




The strip accumulators can increase productivity and avoid downtimes of the following strip processing machines during coil exchanges.

The accumulating system consists of a pallet decoiler, a strip-end welding machine, a strip accumulator with multiple parallel loops. 

The strip accumulator guarantees strip feeding into the following machine without interruptions, even during coil exchange.




Technical data subject to alterations

 Client specific constructions upon request




Technical specifications


Accumulating capacity 
Decoiler loading capacity
max. strip width 
Strip thickness
max. strip speed 

90 m strip

4000 kg
70 mm
0,2 - 1,0 mm
5 m
40 m/min


Technical equipment 

- Powered Pallet decoiler, speed controlled by sensor at the accumulator. Decoiler placed in a safety cell, with filling level control to signal strip coil exchange. 

- Automatic, programmable strip-end welding machine, with WIG welding system, for precision welding, with pressing bracket to smooth weldings. 

- Strip accumulator with parallel, vertical loops. Lower diverting rolls fixed, upper rolls fitted into mobile beams.  The mobile part is moved into the upper starting position by vector drive.  

- The necessary driving power to pull the strip through the accumulator is aprox. 15 kg.  Optionally we deliver a powered feed roller unit with loop control system for strip feed.  


- Larger or smaller accumulating capacity. 

- Decoilers with more or less loading capacity 

- Other strip profiles 

- Adaptations to special space conditions by strip diverting systems 

Further documents

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Technical drawing
Leaflet (PDF)


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