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Triple decoiler-accumulator for thread



Motorized spool decoiler and parallel accumulator for continuous feeding of 3 threads into an extrusion line. 

The accumulating units are designed and adapted according to the requirements of the client. 



Technical data subject to alterations

 Client specific constructions upon request




Technical specifications


Accumulating capacity 
Decoiler loading capacity 
max. strip width 
Strip thickness
Strip speed 


120 m strip            2 x 1000 kg
250 mm
0,2 - 1,2 mm
5 m
max. 40 m/min


Technical specifications

- All elements built onto an aluminium frame 

- 3 decoilers with controlled three-phase drive for constant feed of the thread (5 - 10 N)

- incl. spool bracket, spool adapter pin,  thread guide 

- 3 pneumatic thread trappers

- 3 accumulators with parellel loops 

- 3 breakage sensors


- Units for larger accumulating capacity 

- Higher loading capacity for decoilers 

- Other speed ranges

- Other unit for profile or round material 

Further documents

Construction view 3D (JPG)
Leaflet (PDF)


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