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Automatic decoiler - rewinder for strip material,
loading capacity 100 kg



Automatic decoiler/rewinder with paper interleaf. 

Rewinder and decoiler to feed strip material into presses, assembly machinery and other strip working units. 

Loop control system for automatic material feed to the following processing machine. 

Coil mandrel to tension spools. 


Technical data subject to change
Client specific constructions upon request



Technical specifications 


Loading capacity
Strip width
Spool-ø outer
Spool-ø inner
Speed range
Strip thickness
100 kg
2 - 100 mm
900 mm 
ab 200 mm
0 - 36 rpm
0.1 - 1.5 mm

Technical equipment

- Modular construction, with many available accessories adaptable for all applications 

- Loop control system with proximity switch  

- Easy transportation with fork lift 

- The precision coil mandrel out of aluminium, is twisted inside, runs smoothly and can rewind narrow strips of up to 2 mm. 

- Electrical control with universal interface for all applications. 


The execution shown contains the following options:

- Coil 680A 

- Full-grip jaws for thin strips S1

- Speed controlled drive 10M 

Further documents

Chart with accessories (GIF)
Technical drawing (GIF)
Leaflet (PDF)


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