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Pallet decoiler with strip extrusion and ultrasonic loop control system 




Automatic pallet decoiler for automatic strip feeding to quick punching presses or other processing machinery 

Strip feed with loose hanging loop for gentle material feed, without additional elements such as strip traction rolls etc.,  supported on the strip

With coil tightener at the inner diameter, which avoids lateral sliding of the coil


Technical data subject to change
Client specific constructions upon request



Technical specifications 

Loading capacity
Strip width max.
Strip thickness
Coiltable speed


1500 kg 
1400 mm 
160 mm 
1,5 mm
26 rpm

Technical equipment

- Rigid welded socket, easy to transport by fork lift 

- Drive with adjustable speed, gears with safety clutch, protected against overload

- Rigid welded coiltable in live ring bearing 

- Height adjustable converter roller with strip guide

- strip extrusion by driving power 

- Narrow strip guide at the inlet of the strip extrusion 

- Ultrasonic loop control system for continuous speed control, guaranteed feeding of the horizontal coiltable without jerking 


- Pneumatic ventilation of the strip extrusion 

- Height adjustable converter roller with strip gide over handwheel or motorized 

- Smaller/larger coiltable diameter (see chart) 

- Higher/lower loading capacity (sse chart) 

- Other loop control systems 

- Quicker speed ranges 

- Wider strips

- Double pallet decoiling system 

Further documents

Chart with accessories(GIF)
Technical drawing (GIF)
Leaflet (PDF)

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