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Cradle decoiler motorized




Competitive spool decoiler to decoil on 4 supporting rolls, for spool unloading and loading with crane or fork lift from the top.

Powered spool decoiler suitable for automatic decoiling from thin strips, wire, cable or other profile material. 

The motorized spool decoiler with scanning arm control ensures gentle decoiling of all material without jerking from the beginning of the material until its end. 


Technical data subject to change
Client specific constructions upon request 



Technical specifications 

Spools outer-ø 
Spool weight
Spool width
Spool speed 
1000 mm
1000 kg
350 - 600 mm
0 - 26 rpm

Technical equipment 

- Spool carrier and drive on 4 gummed supporting rolls, laterally adjustable, on 2 shafts 

- Spool loading and unloading with crane or fork lift from the top 

- 2 shaft driven with continuous adjustable drive.  Drive of the spools over gummed supporting rolls at the front side of the spool side panels. 

- Loop control system with scanning arm and lateral freerunning converter roller, for continuous speed control 

- Shaft bearings to be additionally positioned at the spool side panels avoid tumbling of the spools with high speed ranges


- Other models for larger or smaller spools 

- Quicker speed ranges 

- Adapted loop control systems for special applications 

- Construction without drive, with adjustable primary retarder


Further documents

Picture detail(JPG)
Technical drawing (GIF)
Leaflet (PDF)


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