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Wire decoiler 



Wire decoiling system for secure, rational feeding of fine wire into compression springs or bending machinery 


Technical data subject to change
Client specific constructions upon request



Technical specifications 

Load capacity
Coil inner-ø 
Coil height max.
Speed range

30 kg
500 mm
150 - 400 mm
180 mm
0.1 - 1.0 mm
8 - 120 rpm

Technical equipment 

- Sturdy construction, easy transportation by fork lift 

- Modern drive technique with gear incl. integrated safety gear, guarantees constant and harmonical operation 

- Loop control system with vertical pivot arm for continuous material feed into the processing unit.

- The coil limiting cross is slidable on the central shaft 

- 4 clamping bolts are bolted with the coiltable and can be removed to load spools. 

- The table can be replaced 90° from a horizontal to a vertical position  


- Table ø 600 mm

- Exchangeable central shaft with adapter 

- Several spool holders 

- Speed range 12 - 180 U/min

- Loop control according to the following list 

- Unmotorized design with friction brake 

Further documents

Chart with accessories (GIF)
Technical drawing (GIF)
Leaflet (PDF)


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