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Rewinder with lateral strip positioning, system Uhing Rollringgetriebe




Competitive rewinder to wind flat or round wire and wire similar profiles onto spools, or as open coils (stack winding). 

Different models with various drive and loop control systems allow multiple use of these rewinders. 

Examples of use are winding of flat wire from rolling or wire-drawing machines, surface treatment, etc. 

The mechanical Uhing rewinder ensures precise winding quality.  Manual retooling to different material and spool dimensions.


Technical data subject to alterations

 Client specific constructions upon request 



Technical specifications


Loading capacity
Spools-ø outer
Spool width

Pitch adjustable  Wire-ø                    Speed 
tension controlled drive

max. 100 kg
max. 600mm
max. 300mm
0 - 150mm
0,2 - 2,5 mm
2 - 30 m/min

2 - 50 N


Technical specifications 

- Mechanical positioning unit onto the rolling ring principle, manually adjustable side stops to change direction 

- Lateral material positioning occus over a product adapted guide, assembled onto a linear carriage. The wire is oszillatory placed, the spool always rotates at the same spot. 

- Continuous drive, with loop control system or tension controlled according to application. 

- Simple spool clamping with driving pin, or centrally adjustable  coil holder for open coils


- Larger/smaller loading capacity 

- Other spool dimensions 

- Other speed ranges 

- Models with "wandering shafts" (oszillating spools) 

- Length measurement with automatic interruption 

- Individually adapted constructions. Leave the solution of your winding problems to us!

Further documents 

Further models (JPG)
Technical drawing (GIF) 
Leaflet (PDF)


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