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Pallet decoiler-straightener with precision leveller 



Space-saving decoiler-straightener (advantages 19 straightening rolls)  for rational feeding of strip material into presses or other strip processing units.

Motorised pallet decoiler with variable speed control.  All strip coils piled onto a pallet are loaded on the coiltable by fork lift. 

Loop control of the pallet decoiler with scanning arm for continuous material feed to the straightener 

Loop control system of the straightener with ultrasonic sensor for contactless, continuous material feed to the next processing machine. 



Technical data subject to change
Client specific constructions upon request



Technical specifications

Load capacity 
Strip width max. 
Strip thickness
1500 kg
1200 mm
160 mm
0,15-1,5 mm

Technical equipment 

- Modular construction easy to transport with fork lift 

- Pallet decoilers and levellers with 19 rolls can be combined according to requirements 

- The pallet decoiler is equpped with adjustable strip feed and coil alignment 

- Drive pallet decoiler, continuous 1,5 - 26 or 3 - 50 U/min

- Drive leveller, continuous,1,5-20, 2 - 30 oder 3 - 45 m/min)

- Lower part of the leveller can be pulled out, simplifying cleaning of the straightening rolls 


- Adjustable strip guiding elements at the pallet decoiler with crank or motor-driven 

- 2 or 4 digital displays to indicate the position of the upper straightening rolls 

Further documents

Further models (JPG)
Advantages 19 straightening rolls (PDF) 
Chart with accessories (GIF) 
Technical drawing (GIF)  
Leaflet (PDF)


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