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Combi with cradle decoiler-straightener




Space-saving, motorized cradle decoiler with attached leveller. 

Competitive unit for strips with unsensitive surfaces with a thickness range of 1 – 8 mm.

The coils are loaded onto the powered supporting rolls into the cradle decoiler by crane.

Not suitable for strips with sensitive surfaces, as well as thin strips.  In these cases we recommend our combined decoiler-sraighteners.

Loop control with ultrasound for continuous speed control of the leveller and the supporting rolls with synchronous chain drive. 


Technical data subject to alterations


Client specific constructions upon request



Technical specifications


Coil weight max. 
Coil-ø outer
Strip thickness max.
Strip width max.
Strip thickness min.
Strip width min. 

5000 kg
1500 mm

7 mm
300 mm
1 mm

50 mm


Technical equipment

- 2 types of cradle decoilers and several types of straigtheners can be combined according to requirement (see chart).

- Strip feeding aids such as press roll, peeling key, and ventilated drawing rolls ensure smooth feeding of the strip beginning from the coil into the leveller. 

- Coil lateral feed between 2 side panels, centrally adjustable with handwheel. The side panels contain embedded, hardened rolls to reduce friction during decoiling. 

- Drive leveller continuous, 1-17 m/min


- Choice of different levellers 

- 2 different cradle decoiler sizes 

- Loop bridge between leveller and press 

- Shears to cut the strip beginning 

- Top of the leveller can be opened simplifying cleaning 

- Unit guards with fence and doors according to CE 

Further documents

Chart with accessories (GIF)
Technical drawing
Leaflet (PDF)

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