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Strip straightener with 5 straightening rolls




Powered automatic strip straightener for rough straightening of strip material from coils. 

Around 75 percent of the existing coil bending can be straightened with the 5 straightening rolls.

The straightener can draw strips from coils of up to 1000 kg from unmotorized coil mandrels with the 4 drawing rolls. 

Strip feed to the press with a loose hanging loop for contactless, gentle material feed. 



Technical data subject to change
Client specific constructions upon request



Technical specifications  

Amount rolls
ø straightening rolls
Amount drawing rolls
ø drawing rolls
max. strip width 
max. strip thickness
min. strip thickness
Speed range

40 mm
130 mm
2,0 mm
0,4 mm
0-25 m/min

Technical equipment

- Rigid welded socket, easy to transport with fork lift 

- Adjustable drive, gears with safety clutch, protected against overload 

- Leveller with 5 straightening and 4 drawing rolls, hardened and ground, supported in roller bearings. 

- All lower rolls powered 

- Individual positioning of the 2 upper straightening rolls with handwheels I

- Strip guides at the inlet and outlet of the leveller 

- Ultrasonic loop control for continuous speed control guarantees feeding without jerks 


- Pneumatic ventilation of the drawing roll 

- Hard-chromium plated straightening rolls 

- Levellers for wider strips (see chart) 

- Other loop control systems 

- Quicker speed ranges 

Further documents 

Chart with accessories (GIF)
Technical drawing (GIF)
Leaflet  (PDF)

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