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Decoiling-straightening-cut to length unit for wire




For rational straightening, feeding and cut-to-length of wire. 

The servo drive places the wire accurately into the cutting station. 

After cutting the wire to length it will be positioned accurately into the discharging unit for further processing. 



Technical data subject to alterations

Client specific constructions upon request




Technical specifications


Amount feed rolls Feed roll ø  
Feed speed
Production capacity
Straightening unit out of:
Leveller 1x 5 rolls
Leveller  2 x 7 rolls
6,5 mm

160 mm 
60 m/min
20 pieces/min at 600 mm length

main straightening


Technical equipment 

- Rigid welded construction incl. protection cover with safety interlock. 

- Straightening feed with NC-axis contol and external measuring wheel on the wire 

- Hydraulic shearing disc separation unit with 8 cutting holes ensure a clean and burr-free cut. 

- All data such as feed length, amount and speed can be stored into the position control of the freestanding control desk. 


- Turret with 4, 6 or 8 levelling table intakes

- Wire range 1 - 15 mm

- Decoilers compatible to the unit 

Further documents

Further models (JPG) 
Details (JPG)
Leaflet (PDF)

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