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Wire straightener with position indicator and quick changing system 




For passive straightening of wire prior to processing units. 

If straightening rolls with adapted feeding geometry are used, the quick changing system enables rational modification to other diameters without tools.

Each straightening roll is equipped with mechanical position indication. 



Technical data subject to alterations

Client specific constructions upon request




Technical specifications


Straightener consisting of:
Straightener 1x 5 rolls 
Straightener 2 x 7 rolls
3 - 5 mm


main straightening


Technical equipment 

- Rigid welded constructed, each of the straightening rolls adjustable with spindle incl. position indication. 

- Straightening rolls consisting of high quality roller bearings with thick-walled outer ring . The outer ring can be delivered with the requested profile depending on use.

- After pushing of the wire through the straighteners, the wire is pulled through the feed of the processing unit.



- Wire range ø 1 - 18 mm

- Wire feed with handwheel

- Wire push with position control and length measurement 

- Decoilers compatible with the unit 

Further documents

Leaflet (PDF)


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