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Strip end welding machine automatic 




Strip end welding machine with automatic strip cutting, strip positioning and welding. The convenient machine control enables parameter setting of starting, main and end current flows etc.  The integrated formula management allows fast repetitive welding of different kinds of strips. 

The strip end welding machine joins the strip end from the processed coil with the strip beginning of the new coil. 


Technical data subject to alterations

 Client specific constructions upon request 




Technical specifications


Strip width
Strip thickness 

max. 120 mm 
0.2 - 1,5 mm


Technical equipment 

- Easily movable with socket rolls 

- Gas flow meter 

- Cutting unit 

- variable speed 

- 1 Electrode grinding unit 

- Direct current and pulse welding possible 

- several start and stop ramps programmable 

- Up to 100 different formulas storable. 



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